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AnexMiner ET5 ETCHASH SERVER 1200MH with 960W for IDC Room and Home Use
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  • ET5 1200M


AnexMiner ET5 ETCASH SERVER 12000MH: The Ultimate Tool for ETC Mining

  • Model Number: ET5
  • Power Consumption: 960W
  • Transmission Rate: 10/100/1000Mbps
  • Weight: 10KG
  • Model: ET3
  • Type: ETH ETC Coin
  • Crypto Algorithm/Coins: Ethash / Etchash
  • Power Cost: 960W
  • Brand: Anexminer
  • Hash: Up to 1200MH/S

Welcome to the world of advanced ETC Mining with AnexMiner ET5 ETCASH SERVER 12000MH. This powerful server gives you the ability to up-scale your mining activities using state-of-the-art hardware with 12000MH capacity and 960W, engineered for efficiency in IDC Room and Home Use.

The AnexMiner ET5 ETCASH SERVER 12000MH comes with cutting-edge technology that is optimized for increased efficiency and scalability. The server boasts superior thermals that prevent overheating, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

With AnexMiner ET5 ETCASH SERVER 12000MH, you do not just get a mining server, you secure a trustworthy companion that assures steady and reliable mining. Consuming only 960W, this server is one of the most energy-efficient in the market. The power-efficient design helps reduce your energy expenses, boosting your profit margin in your ETC Mining business.

AnexMiner ET5 ETCASH SERVER 12000MH primarily focuses on creating value for its users. Its impressive 12000MH capacity lets you grow your ETC empire, seizing prevailing market opportunities. The server is not only perfect for IDC Room Use but also ideal for Home Use, thanks to its noise-control feature.

Invest in AnexMiner ET5 ETCASH SERVER 12000MH and revolutionize your mining activities. Experience the thrill of mining ETC on a highly reliable server designed to offer the best in power, efficiency, and productivity.

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